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2016 Credit Card Hacks For Your Totally Free Singapore Airlines First Class Ticket

Who says flying First Class has to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

First Class flights are a privilege that few experience, but that doesn’t have to be the case. What would normally cost $9,000 per-way can now be as low as $180. Singaporeans are blessed with one of the world’s most luxurious and sought after aviation brand, Singapore Airlines, it’s currency being the Krisflyer Mile.

In this guide, I will teach you how you can work towards your first free business/first class flight with the current promotions in 2016, and achieve multiple of those in your lifetime.

BUT WAIT ! There are 3 requirements before you can follow this guide :

  1. You have to have an annual income of at least $30,000 SGD
  2. You have worked for your company for at least 3 months. (12 months for self-employed)
  3. You have registered for a Krisflyer Account. Or you can sign up HERE.

Credit Cards in Singapore can help you to get free miles from your daily spend. I’m actually quite new to this and have been making many rookie mistakes, but after only being at it for 6 months, I have 75,000 Krisflyer Miles in my account. This is enough for a one-way First Class / Suites Saver ticket to Rome !

With miles, you can get either tickets, or upgrade your current ticket into a higher class. I won’t be talking about upgrade awards here, the reason being that they just aren’t worth it. In order to utilise upgrade awards, your ticket must be the most expensive types which can cost 2 to 2.5 times the price of a saver ticket, an economy class ticket becomes almost as expensive as a business class, so whats the point of using points then?

Singapore Airlines Award Chart

The 3 Main Aspects of Krisflyer Miles Accrual

  1. Planning your Spend

    A crucial stage is to plan which credit cards are going to work for you in giving you the best price per mile, and what kind of bonuses they have. Some Credit Card bonuses are great, like the Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Gold American Express card, but requires you to spend $5,000 in 3 months to unlock the 2nd portion of the 10,000 miles bonus. So you would only get this card if you are going to make big purchases.

    2016 Credit Card Hacks For Your Totally Free Singapore Airlines First Class Ticket
    AMEX Cards give good bonuses, but are not optimal for regular spend.
  2. Applying for Credit Cards

    2016 Credit Card Hacks For Your Totally Free Singapore Airlines First Class Ticket 2
    When staying overseas, always use your DBS Altitude Card for 2 miles per dollar.

    After you’ve planned everything out and decided which bonuses you will set your targets on first, you will be doing some paperwork or just an online form to apply for your Credit Cards. The cards featured below have been applied for with $30,000 annual income successfully since most of their income requirements are not strict.

  3. Knowing Which Card to use

    Each Credit Card that you have will be unique in the way that they are meant to be used. The aim of the game is to use each Credit Card in such a way that the eligible spend will give the most miles per dollar. For example, if I dine out at a restaurant and see that they have a Visa Paywave outlet, I would use my UOB Preferred Platinum Visa for 4 miles per dollar. If I were to buy a recurring subscription to a software and pay via Paypal, I would use my DBS Woman’s World MasterCard for 4 miles per dollar. The same goes for online AXS bill payments.

Singapore Credit Cards Overview 2016

Credit Card Bonus Miles Strengths Strategy & Use
American Express® Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold Credit Card
5,000 Welcome Bonus Miles and Another 5,000 After $5,000 Spend in 6 months -Miles Credit Directly To Krisflyer Account Use this card for the 10,000 Bonus miles after $5,000 spend. When the miles have been credited, cancel the card as it has low miles accrual.
DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card
8,000 Bonus Miles. Spend $1,000/mth for 2 months -High Mileage Accrual with Expedia Bookings -DBS Points Do Not Expire -Best overseas spend card Sign up for this card and charge at least $1,000 a month for 2 months to receive the 8,000 bonus miles. This card is best used when overseas for 2 miles per dollar. If you have trips or flights, book with Expedia instead of direct to earn 8 miles per dollar.
ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card
2,000 Bonus Miles after first $500 spend -Spend $2,500 in 30 Days to Receive Complimentary Mercedes E-Class Airport Transfer (1-Way) -Access Airport Lounges for Free -Best Local Swipe Card Charge $500 on the card for the 2,000 bonus miles. Best card for all other local spend at 1.4 miles per dollar.
American Express Rewards Card
13,333 Bonus Miles after first $1500 spend within 3 months -Big Bonus ! Get this card and pay for the first year annual fee of $53.50. Then, make a charge of $1500 within 3 months to receive the Amex Membership Points. Convert into Krisflyer Miles. Cancel on 7th month onwards only.
DBS Woman's World Mastercard
None -DBS Points Do Not Expire -Best Online Spend Card ($2000/mth Cap) - Guys can get this too ! Apply for this card and Charge all online spend, paypal, qoo10 etc to this card for an amazing 4 miles per dollar.
UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card
None -Paywave Card Paywave for 4 miles per dollar. EXCEPT FOR THESE VENDORS THAT AWARD SMART$

Airline Miles Rewards Online Booking Agents

2016 Credit Card Hacks For Your Totally Free Singapore Airlines First Class Ticket 3

There are 2 hotel booking services that allow for Krisflyer miles rewards. They are :

  1. Rocketmiles – 3,000 Bonus Krisflyer Miles
  2. Kaligo – 1,000 to 3,000 Bonus Krisflyer Miles

Use these services when you need to book a hotel stay for your next vacation or staycation to receive the bonus miles.

2016 Credit Card Hacks For Your Totally Free Singapore Airlines First Class Ticket 4
Singapore Airport Lounge. Photo Credit :

Are You Ready for First Class?

After completing all the credit card and travel agent miles bonuses, you should have just shy of 45,000 Krisflyer Miles. This is almost enough for a First Class Singapore Airlines flight to Japan. (After the 15% discount on miles when redeeming miles online) This is not including base miles that you will be earning through normal spend.

One great advice is to stay on top of new credit card promotions, so that you can take advantage of great bonuses. Remember be smart when spending using Credit Cards, and  you will have your FREE First Class ticket in 2016 in no time !

  • Christina Pang

    Hi thanks for this great article!! I’m considering to get DBS Altitude Card, but I don’t see anywhere on the DBS website about booking through to receive 8 miles per dollar spent?

    • @christinapang:disqus Hey there ! thanks for viewing the article. Unfortunately the 8 miles per dollar for DBS altitude Expedia has expired, however, they still have 10 miles per dollar for Kaligo. For great Expedia mileage earning, you can check out the citi premier miles card. Hope I helped and happy flying !

    • @christinapang:disqus The 8 Miles per dollar for DBS Altitude spending via Expedia is active again ! Just thought you might want to know :)

    • @@christinapang:disqus The 8 Miles per dollar for DBS Altitude spending via Expedia is active again ! Just thought you might want to know :)