4 Reasons why TheSmartLocal is Useful & 2 Reasons Why It Isn’t

What is TheSmartLocal ?

As a travel hacker, I’ve had to brainstorm my trips around current hotel and flight promotions and stays I need to achieve to maintain my loyalty status with hotels. Often enough, I come across TheSmartLocal when I’m searching for guides about an area I’ve never been to. TheSmartLocal offers useful guides and videos that I’ve come to appreciate personally, and has helped me discover many hidden gems. Here, i’ll discuss why TheSmartLocal is useful, as well as some of their flaws.

#1 – Travel Video Features star_graystar_graystar_graystar_graystar_gray

The Smart Local 6
Youtube Travel Video Feature | Photo Credit : TheSmartLocal TV

I recently booked 3 nights at the Crowne Plaza Bandung for free, as part of the current IHG Pointbreaks promotion. I stumbled upon TheSmartLocal’s video feature of Bandung when I was searching for destinations in Bandung for my upcoming trip. The cinematography draws you in, and I like the filter that they use for the clips. I couldn’t help but explore more of them, from places that I’ve already been to and places that I’m planning to go to in the near future. The clips contain helpful information and great recommendations and summarizes the experiences in a very short time.

#2 – A Plathora of Guides star_graystar_graystar_graystar_gray

The Smart Local 5
Photo Credit : TheSmartLocal

20 Best Chicken Wings in Singapore So GOOD You Won’t Mind Putting On Weight For  and 15 Incredible Malaysian Beaches To Get To Under SGD 150 are amongst some of my favorite posts. These posts are useful because they offer extremely targeted and niche data that appeals to a wide range of audience, and a good volume of data as well for that Singaporean in us that often can’t make up our minds.

#3 – TheSmartLocal TV star_graystar_graystar_graystar_gray

The Smart Local 4
Photo Credit : TheSmartLocal TV

I often get many viral videos on my personal Facebook feed, and I almost always watch the ones from The Smart Local because the content is actually funny. At times, the videos from TheSmartLocal TV feature guests from other countries, and it’s useful to see and experience what others think about Singapore, our language, cuisine and kiasu-ism, especially when travelling abroad for work or vacation.


#4 – Content with a Local Flair star_graystar_graystar_graystar_graystar_gray

The Smart Local 3

This is something that amplifies the usefulness of TheSmartLocal (for Singaporeans anyway). The content they create is with emphasis from a Singaporean’s point-of-view. Therefore, the guides and videos that they offer will more than likely have some resonance with you, be it in your preference of food & travel destinations or reviews of our local hotels.

#5 – Technical Issues star_gray

The Smart Local 2
Photo Credit : TheSmartLocal Forums

Unfortunately, TheSmartLocal has it’s fair share of downs. I recently created an account on The Smart Local (I had no idea you could do this). After creating an account, I had the option of posting reviews, browsing the forums and access to my own “facebook-esque” dashboard. My reviews never posted, there were errors on the weird-looking forum and I stumbled into multiple bugs while navigating the account sections. Some of the links were broken, and some I wasn’t sure if I required some sort of authority to access. Perhaps the team at TheSmartLocal could come up with videos to explain how to use these features, and what kind of benefits maintaining an account gives.

#6 – Jack of All Trades, Master of None star_graystar_gray

The Smart Local 1
Travel, Food, Beauty, Shopping & Things to do | Photo Credit : TheSmartLocal

Whoa, thats alot of coverage of diverse topics. Somehow I felt that TheSmartLocal is not specializing in their content. I don’t think it’s wrong, but I always remember services and sites that offer something specific. On top of the fact that TheSmartLocal is trying to create user generated content through their own membership system, one can stop to think if they have too much on their hands.


Personally, I think TheSmartLocal is a great source of information for Food, Travel and Humor. I look at it as a tool for me to decide on my next travel destination or which restaurant I’m going for dinner with my friends. This alone makes it extremely useful.  Although the pros outweigh the cons, I feel that The Smart Local has a ways to go to cover all of it’s bases. You can visit thesmartlocal.com to check them out if you haven’t already.

*This is a sponsored post but the views and opinions are of my own.